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    I am using Versamail and I have my preferences set to pull down mail from Yahoo, Google, and work every 15 minutes.

    Sometimes, while trying to synch the Treo will lock up and beep constantly for about 1 minute. When finished, it will say unable to connect. I can then hit ok, but sometimes it immediately happens again. Yesterday, it crashed after that and did a soft reset. Today, I initiated a soft reset after the first instance.

    Any ever experience this?


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    I use EAS so I never have to connect on a time basis. I would recommend if your having problems with the current settings to forward all your email to a free push email account like mail2web and just have it on a constant connection. That way when ever an email comes in you will have it instantly and not have to wait and you can have every account you have forwarded to that site.
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    I wasn't aware of this. Thanks for bringing to my attention. I will check this out.

    I'm a former Blackberry user, so a push feature would be nice.
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    Going into and out of service areas sometimes causes my Treo to freeze for a while. Very annoying.
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    I think this is what is happening to me. I'm in a building where the signal varies and I think sometimes its trying to connect and can't. I think this causes the problems that result.

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