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    I'm new to the world of Treo. Just got the 755 about a week ago, and I love it. I have been playing around with TakePhone & Dial By Photo. Both are good apps, and I like them both. They provide, mostly, the same functionality. I thought I'd ask all you Treo gurus which one y'all use. I'm so confused.....
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    Takephone doesn't suffer from lag, like dbp does. The pictures are smaller, however. And both return to the dumpy treo phone screen when dialing, or on a call. I wish I could find one that replaced the enter phone app, period. The dialing, on call screen, contacts, the whole enchileda. (hope I spelled that right)
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    By far TakePhone is the more powerful application and is very well supported. Ben
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    Just installed takephone and its awsome.. completely changes the look of the phone app... I have tried both and takephone takes the cake.
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    Did you find a way for it to change the look of the active call, and contact screens?
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    nah... I read your post above and was hoping I could find an option to change those but no it looks like for now those have to stay .. but those really don't bother me since when I make a call I never see the call screen cause the phones by my ear but they are a bit blah and boring...
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    I've been playin with the trial version of Takephone. It's one of the better programs I tried. I wanted to like dial by photo, but the bad lag killed it for me. Takephone only has lag if the wallpaper is activated. But it is not hardly noticable. I may end up buying Takephone myself....
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    I love DBP. I never tried takephone, but DBP has little to no lag for me, but I am on a 650. When I select a contact to call, I hit it twice and it dials immediately.
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    I have DBP and love it. I actually wish there was a way to for it replace the original software, especially contacts. I never tried takephone, but from the way it's talked about, I might try it.

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