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    The darn thing seems to lock up while in sleep mode or something

    Sometime i press the END button to light it up and unlock the phone i get no response whatsoever. I'll press all the others and nothing happens. I tried calling the phone and i hear a ring through the line but the phone itself is still dead silent.

    Only way to get it out of this is to reset it and thats happening almost once a day now
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    I don't have that specific problems but I have that sometimes my lighting will get screwed up and I have to wait like half an hour for it to go back to normal... it just dimms out so you can barely see the screen ... weird
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    syphex that seems to happen for me when the Treo gets hot. I had it happen when I was in a low signal area, and I was trying to connect to a site. It suddenly dimmed and I could see nothing really. If you hit option and then P it will bring up the brightness control and you can fix it right away. This also can happen if you are streaming for a long time in Ptunes.
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    I too have had the dimming issue - I don't think this ever happened with my 700p.

    About 2 weeks ago I had a 755p DIE. I made a call, laid it down, came back to make a call 15 minutes later and it would not wake up. After a soft reset or battery pull it would not get past the Access Powered screen. All manner of resets would not help. I then had to get it swapped out for a new one. However, I did not have the cannot wake issue before hand. It just died in one quick shot?!?

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