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    What a cluster-f@#k this update has been for Palm.
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    Programmers on strike
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    Palm's finished
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    Trying to design a fix all update devices with hardware quality issues has got to be a pain. I've always had to go through 2 or 3 treos to get a good one with no problems. So all these treos with quality control issues and you're in charge to issue a patch to fix everything...good luck..

    Palm's first mistake...issuing a MR. They did an EOL on the 700p and should've never looked back. If existing customers had bricks, give em a 755p or 700p (whatever carrier they had).

    Second mistake is acknowledging enough problems to issue an MR.

    Palm had better come out with something a bit better at end of year or it's curtains for em. Even though i'm just fine with the palm OS, many seem to not like the fact it's not been updated.

    New OS whether linux or not is essential and must be able to use palm apps. Better screen then the current one is essential. Keep the one handedness and keyboard. This makes it a treo. If you must get rid of the keyboard to please these apple wannabes then make another version of it. Upgrade camera. Get wifi yesterday. Improve the BT. Make em rev.a or most current. Update the music software. Update the desktop software and make it simple. Update the browser. Built in gps and maps.
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    Every time this situation gets worse my first instinct is that it's hilarious. Then I realize that I depend on these idiots to keep my entire life and career running smoothly.
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    Small claims court folks... it costs $20 to file, you don't need a lawyer, and you'll get your money back from big bad Palm. The only way to make them listen is to FORCE THEM.

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