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    Has anyone had any success using Blazer with an infra-red connection to a cell phone? The FAQ states that it's possible "with certain GSM cell phones", but I've had no luck using my 8290.

    My email to Handspring about the issue has gone unanswered for three weeks.
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    I have had great success with Blazer and my Nokia 8290. I noticed that the distance between the IR ports are critical to establish communication between phone and PDA. One stylus length seems to work best. I have had limited success with anything closer.

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    That's great, Clovis. I wasn't sure if it was even possible. I didn't want to spend the time debugging and fiddling with it if it wasn't even possible.

    I use other infra-red apps, but Blazer has always given me trouble!

    Thanks for the success story.

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