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    Here it goes:

    True Story
    So I decided to buy the slingplayer AV today and I went ahead and installed the program. When prompted to enter the passwords for accessing the Slingplayer you cannot have the admin pass be the same as the regular pass. So for my regular pass, I did my primary passwords but for my secondary I used a password that I rarely use but it has value to me so I won't forget it. Let's go ahead and say the password is abraham. That's not real password but it's a uncommon proper name like that.

    So after everything was installed. I went ahead and cleaned up the mess from all the packaging and put it back in the box. Slingbox owners will know that inside the package there is another red box that contains everything. On the back of this red box is one word and a number directly under it. Real small white print in the center of the box. Would believe that the word printed on the box was actually the same word that I used for my password.


    and the number under was my age 27.


    I was totally freaked out when I saw that. Does your slingbox have a word and number on the back of the red box? If so, what it is? I was just wondering is they are different on every box.

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    Somehow the intro to 'Outer Limits' comes to mind

    I'll have to check my box when I get home.
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    I just purchased my Sling AV today, mine says Lebowski 37
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    I bought my AV 10 months ago and don't have anything but the MAC and S/N on the bottom. Is this just a QA stamp of some type?
    Palm Pilot-->Handspring Visor-->Treo 300-->Treo 600-->Treo 650-->Treo 700p+E62-->Treo700p+Curve (8300)-->Curve (8330)
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinsin07 View Post
    I just purchased my Sling AV today, mine says Lebowski 37

    Ding Ding Ding! That's what mine says. So imagine how shocked I was when I already picked that as my password. The Big Lebowski= favorite movie.
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    I did a little search and found this:

    The Slingbox in Action

    The Slingbox streams video using Microsoft's Windows Media Player 9 codec, which is a powerful video encoder that can compress video streams to a small size while maintaining good playback quality. What's unique about the Slingbox is that it uses Sling's proprietary SlingStream (also known as Lebowski, named after the famous movie character from "The Big Lebowski") technology. SlingStream automatically adjusts all video streaming parameters on the fly to compensate for a various network conditions. In other words, if you're at a busy Wi-Fi spot, SlingStream will make sure you get the best quality possible based on whatever bandwidth it has available.

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