I am using an unlocked Cingular treo 650 GSM unit in Botswana. I have a data plan. (this is not a prepaid sim card but a monthly account). I have followed the service provider's instructions to set up the data service on the phone.

When trying to use the browser to access the internet it says I'm connected to the web - - e.g. (goes through the steps and then says established), but then when I try to go to the web it says "The page you requested cannot be displayed" - and it doesn't seem to matter which site I go to.

is this a problem with the phone, my settings or the cellular provider?

The firmware version on the phone os 01.51. software Treo 650 -1.17.CNG.

Do I need to update the firmware? Do I use the cingualr update or now that the phone is unlocked do I use the unlocked GSM update???