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    Phone was working fine (exept its usual have to reset it every morning because it keeps staying on-i turned off all bdays in datebk already...)

    can use all my applications, but when i launch datebk6 or chattermail it resets... i just received an email and it showed up but when i hit go to read it it did the same thing...

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    just realized that splash money does the same thing when i enter the password...
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    I use CE and DB6 with no problems.
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Edge (Upgraded for $100.00 just by giving them the Serial # of my Visor Deluxe plus I got to keep the Deluxe. Those were the days!)-> Palm M-505->M-515->Tungsten T->Zire 72->Treo 650->->Treo 700P->Treo 755P. Plus various replacements. 8130 Pearl....Sorry
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    Quote Originally Posted by twitch3 View Post
    I use CE and DB6 with no problems.
    thanks for the help.
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    m100(for 1 day)->Sony PEG-S300->PEG-N710C->PEG-NR70 (needs a new battery!)->Treo 650 (bad connector)->650 (dead ear speaker)->700p (sucky battery life)->new 700 on way
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    downloaded that and ran it and nothing was found... wtf... is this likely from the 1.10 update i did? i had gotten it working fine again and then i wake up this morning and voila... no bueno...

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