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    I like the program. When I signed up, I got a 5 digit activation code, but the space on the program only holds two and wouldn't recognize the code. I texted for a new code, but wondered if anyone had a similar problem.

    Also, I don't have a card on my phone. I had one one my old phone, but jsut threw it out, and I forgot to take out the card!! I never used it. I also don't have a card reader on my computer. Well, I might, I've never looked. But anyway, is there any way to upload the ringtones straight to the phone without going to the card? I have lots of room.

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    I do have a card reader on the computer!

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    It has the ability to put them there for "emergency" use, but it really is not a great idea due to the size of the MP3 files. an SD card is not too expensive, about $10 a gig.

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