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    icons from your palm. I'm a new palm user and have tried many different apps seeing which work well for me, well to say the least some programs I have kept and others deleted, now the phone is cluttered with unused icons, how do you delete the icon after deleting the programs.


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    I've never seen this happen. Icons typically delete when the app is deleted.

    What method are you using to delete the apps?
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    I would highlight the icon then go hit menu and a delete apps page comes up. After I delete the program the icon stays. For example, get good (a program that came with the phone) and Voice get nuanc...a program I downloaded and deleted buy the icon still remains. any ideas????
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    get good and get nuance came with the treo they can not be removed. stuff that came with the treo cant be removed un less you have a hack and then it will only hide it
    I got my palm pre on day 1 Treo 755p with sprint
    Bug me , zlauncher , Treo memo, Volume care pro, Backupman , Takephone,Agendus, 2day, Holidates, lex spell, Bdictionary, Mundu, Adrian Money ,Genius, Callblock,minitones,Pocket Tunes Deluxe, doc2go,Timesheet, bible reader,Checkers sea War,Hot reverse ,sudoku and Black jack (All games are on my sd card) , Yaps and crytex, safeguard
    Nvback up on 2nd 1gig sd card
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    Holy cow, learn something new everyday. Thanks for the input, now I can stop banging my head up against the wall. Poor design though that you can't get rid of those programs though huh?
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    Change them to the "Unfiled" category. That way they won't show up as you cycle through the various categories in the Applications viewer.
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    thanks that will solve the issue,
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    There are some freeware/shareware apps that will "hide" undesired apps like that completely. I'm at a complete loss for what they were called, though. I know I saw one on at some point.
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    I use the free Application Panel program to hide those apps. Take a look at my list of Essential Freeware apps in my signature or browse to my site to get the story -
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    I think one of the programs was called obfuscate.
    I have not tried it so I cannot vouch for it - and I may have the name wrong, but I think it is close to that.

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