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    I have a Toshiba mini sd card that when I place it in the SD adapter that came with it and plug it into my Dell xps 600 with an SD card reader it will not see the card.
    Anyone help on this?
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    What capacity is the card?

    My HP laptop has the same problem, but it can't read cards over 4 gigs. A 2 gig works just fine, though.
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    4gb cards are usually SDHC, 2gb and below regular vanilla SD. This may, or may not, be the problem.

    See for details on the format.
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    okay first things first do you hear any noises made by windows XP like it at least recognizes that you put something in but you just don't see it? If yes follow these directions: make sure that your computer has assigned it a working drive letter. I have run across this sooo many times in the past. In XP right click on my computer and go to manage, then click on disc management and see if you can see the card info on that page .. if you can right click on it and change drive letter to something you don't have in use and that may fix your problem.. I have to change mine constantly at home and at work to get my cards to work.
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    card reader may not read cards higher than 512 mb. Problem happens all the time.
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    I've actually encountered the same problem once I have saved pictures on the memory card from my 700p. I had to hotsync the information back on the computer, and then take the pictures from the back up folder. weird?

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