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    Can I stream Video from NBC(Like Heros)to my 755p using Kinoma player and if so how?
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    Yes. Do a search on Slingbox and Orb. Slingbox is a hardware device that streams your media. Orb is a software solution.
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    Thank You I know about sling and orb,But was wounding if i could go from blaze to NBC web site and watch on my 755p(heros repeats)Like i said before i have Kinoma player 4.Thanx
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    I haven't had much success with Flash video on sites other than YouTube with Kinoma. You can try though. If it works here's what you'd do:

    1) go to NBC using blazer and navigate to the page that plays the episodes you want. If you're at the right place you should get a message somewhere on the page that says you don't have the latest version of flash installed or similar.

    2) In Blazer, go to Page -> Page Info and click Copy URL

    3) Exit Blazer, open Kinoma, and Open URL. Paste the URL from blazer and try connecting. If it works, it works. Otherwise Kinoma will give you an unsupported file format message.
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