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    I have a Boxwave electric/cigarette lighter charger that caused a short circuit in my hotel room (while charging my Treo 650) and now I can only charge the phone thru my USB port - not with the 120 volt charger or my cigarette lighter charger.

    Does anyone have any experience with this type of problem or suggestions - I don't want to buy a new phone now when the 680 isn't 3G, and I don't want WM?
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    For 650, if you use USB charger cable, it still go through the regular port, hence, your phone should be ok if you charge it via standard, supplied Palm wall charger.

    Why don't you call Boxware to seek for replacement phone caused by their defective charger?
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    thx treoluv - initially boxwave wouldn't even replace the versacharger - now they're offering one (I pay shipping and handling). I hadn't broached the Treo damage yet. The standard Palm charger doesn't work - I will compare it to the USB only charger tomorrow to try to figure out why.

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