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    I can't get any of my email accounts to work with VersaMail. I tried my Sprint email account, but I got an ERR error. I used the preset Sprint settings. I've searched, but I can't find any POP or SMTP settings for Sprint mail. Then, when I tried Gmail, I get both authentification and PPP errors. My friend set up his 650 using the same settings I did without issue, yet mine doesn't work. I don't care which of these email accounts I get to work, but I need at least one of them. I've double checked my info multiple times, usernames, passwords, everything is right. Can anyone help?
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    I have had similar problems with Versamail and SprintPCS. I spoke to a rep who informed me that my email address is not my phone # (i.e., but is my name ( I also had problems with passwords. I was able to get both gmail and sprintpcs to "work" on versamail, but I can't get to collect messages. Let me know what you find.
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    I'm going to call Sprint tomorrow because I'm getting an error message whenever I try to use my phone's web browser. I was using the proper Sprint email username and the correct password, so hopefully it's just this internet issue. I remember with my 600 having issues getting my Sprint email account to work also.
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    Here's how I have my sprint mail set up:
    Account Name: Sprint
    Mail Service: SprintPCS
    Protocol: POP
    Username: (first part of sprint email address to @) e.g. first initial, last name and 01 or for John Doe = jdoe01
    Password: (make sure it's the correct one)
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server:
    Incoming Server Settings: Port Number 110
    Outgoing Server Settings: Port Number 25
    Check use authentication (ESMTP) box
    Username: jdoe01
    Password: (same as above)

    My primary email is Cox. For that I use Other for Mail Service, my Cox Username and password, incoming is, outgoing is, incoming port is still 110 and I also check the authentication (ESMTP) box.

    I also have a .Mac account. In that case Mail service is from the drop-down menu: Apple.Mac, Protocol is IMAP, incoming server is while outgoing is still The incoming port is 143. I also check the authentication (ESMTP) box. I could use Mac Mail for the outgoing server, but then I would have to set "choose to use authentication" in .Mac account server settings on my iMac.

    Outgoing server is not possible with Cox, so I use Sprint. I'm not sure, but I think Gmail does allow outgoing mail from the Treo.

    Sometimes it's just that authentication box that needs to be checked, or the wrong port number or wrong password.
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