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    Oops, not SD, 755p has MiniSD - you know what I mean.

    I converted some 700MB Divx AVIs using Kinoma's Producer v4 to 240MB 320x240 24fps MP4s - and copied them to my MiniSD.

    I have no idea how to run Kinoma player to browse to those files. FileZ will allow me to see them on the card, but that's it. I installed Initiate Launcher, but am still in the learning curve so I haven't figured out if I can easily do it in that program.

    What do you guys use/do to access movies or music on the SD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WildCard View Post
    I have no idea how to run Kinoma player to browse to those files.
    Normally Kinoma Player will automatically scan your SD card for playable files, and they'll normally show up in the "movies" tab (the one to the left of the musical notes) at the bottom of the screen.

    Does anything appear in that tab? In Kinoma Player 4 EX's Media > General Preferences panel, what is Synchronize library set to?

    -- Charles Wiltgen
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    Well, that explains it - I don't have the player installed. I was mistaking another video app for Kinoma's player.

    Sorry about the trouble. Going to go install the demo for player in a few..


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