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    Just new to Sprint and my Treo. I have been experiencing some hangups on my phone and i have a feeling its because of the network connection. If the network vision acts up does it make your phone hang too? What are the signs that you have to reprovision? Do you have to go to the Sprint store do do this? or is it something we can do on our own?
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    Re provisioning is for data. For dropped calls, I'm not sure what you do. Best to call CS.
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    I'm not sure there is a voice reprov, if there is I don't know how to do it.

    You can however call CS and ask them to flag your account for a PRL update then dial *2 from your phone and it will update automatically (if there is an update available). This may solve some voice connectivity issues in your area. There is always the chance you have a bad phone....

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