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    Background: I was having horrible problems syncing to an Exchange/ActiveSync account. The problems included various erratic airSamStateMachine.c errors, as well as contacts and events failing to appear on the Treo.

    Things that didn't work: Deleting and resetting the VersaMail account didn't help. Hard resets didn't work. Changing the VersaMail account settings to force a resync of all records didn't work.

    What finally solved the problem: A total hard reset of the device and a resync WITHOUT RESTORING ANY VERSAMAIL DATA FROM THE PC. The sequence of steps:
    - sync'ed everything (hotsync + over-the-air sync)
    - backed up the Palm directory (just in case...!)
    - deleted the Versamail-related files in the Palm backup directory
    - did a hard reset
    - resync'ed with the Palm desktop
    - verified that contacts, email, and calendar all empty
    - manually reentered the account info into VersaMail
    - re-sync'ed VersaMail over the air with the Exchange server
    - verified that contacts, email, and calendar are all back
    - reinstall camera power bugfix

    My Treo has been working like a charm for a few weeks since I did this, so this appears to be a complete fix to the problems I was having.

    My best guess as to the root of the problem is that VersaMail (or the server?) may keep flags about which entries are "dirty" and need to be sync'ed and these flags were corrupted. I think the corruption may result from bugs related to transitioning from syncing with the Palm desktop to sync'ing with a server, but I'm not sure.

    No promises whether this will solve your problems... but if you haven't tried killing off the VersaMail account (and along with it the contacts, calendar events, and email that VersaMail syncs) and re-syncing these over the air I would strongly recommend trying this.
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    I was just getting ready to post for help with this issue. Thank you for posting the solution first. I've been frustrated with Active Sync - having to resync 3 to 5 times each day lately. I will try your solution. Your explanation makes complete sense. I have the latest AT&T Firmwear, do I still need to update the Camera Power bugfix? I have an ATT locked 680.

    Even with the irritating re-syncs, having Push on my Treo has further freed up my mobility. The calendar and contact OTA sync is more valuable than email (which has become more valuable too, as a tool for me now).

    Once Again, Thanks!
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    The camera update is not required, but it'll be uninstalled by this process (at least if you did an over-the-air install of the update).

    As a result, you'll want to re-apply it when you're done or your battery life will be short. (I didn't realize the update was gone until I noticed my battery life was short.)

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