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    Hi everyone Quick question...

    I currently have a 650 which is continually resetting. Through Sprint's insurance, I'm getting a 700p. Wellll, I really want a 755p. My boyfriend has Alltel and is currently looking for a new phone. Once my 700p arrives, I'm planning on selling it to him and using the money towards a 755p. He's calling Alltel tonight to see if they'll transfer the phone to his account. Are they going to give him a horrible time doing this since the phone is originally from Sprint? If they do, does anyone know how to unlock the phone so he can still use it? I'd REALLY appreciate any feedback you could give me. Thanks
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    Its a CDMA phone which means it won't transfer over to Alltel. Sometimes you get lucky and they will do a phone exchange (it usually still costs some money).
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    Alltel is CDMA. But CDMA phone do not transfer directly from carrier to carrier like GSM phones do.
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    no but they can reprogram cuz I switched from Alltel to Verizon years back and they reprovisioned my ole kyo 7135
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    I don't believe that sprint allows their phones to be reprogramed if its even possible with the newer technology.

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