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    I went to a 680 from a 650 a couple months back, and decided to try the old 650 for a week, and here's what I noticed:

    1) When I hold down on the Dpad in Contacts, it highlights each contact as it's going down the list. In the 680, it scrolls by page if you hold down the Dpad. It's very annoying that in the 680, when you hold down in any kind of list, it will scroll by page, instead of highlighting each item.

    2) 650 is MUCH faster overall.

    3) I never had too much stability problems with the 650 with 1.20ENA, but the 680 is really stable also.

    4) I use PowerRun, so RAM issue isn't a big deal, but it is definetly nicer with more RAM.

    5) 680's phone app is much more appealing and somewhat easier to use, however it blocks off a good chunk of screen at the bottom, which means you don't get to see as much as in a 650. This sucks for contact scrolling, call list scrolling, favorite scrolling.

    6) 650 has the Menu hard button up top, and the 680's is where the right shift is on the 650. It's much better with it near the top. 680's keyboard feels nicer though.

    7) 650's camera seems better at taking good pics in all conditions.

    8) 680 takes a REALLY long time to find signal. It has to be at least 1 minute wait before it can pick up a signal again. 650 picks up a signal in less than 15 seconds.

    9) I can manually select if I want to be on the T-mobile tower or ATT tower on the 650. REALLY useful for me, as I have bad reception at home with ATT tower.

    10) Keyboard lights on my 680 was really dark. My 650's is bright in comparison.

    11) 650 feels a lot slimmer when holding it in your hand. Even if thicker, it feels nicer to me when held. I think because it's rounder, and the 680 is flatter, thinner, but the edges are more defined.

    12) What can I say, I like the 650's shiny silver paint job more than the Graphite on the 680.

    13) I actually like the antenna. Jesus, I don't know why.

    14) Speakerphone is louder and clearer, even if it's a little bit tinnier on the 650. The 680's speaker is a joke, period.

    15) I like how realplayer lets you stop it from playing in the background using the sidebutton. 680's ptunes, you have to go into the app to stop it from playing. I might be wrong, but I'm not a expert on ptunes.

    16) EXCELLENT battery life with the 2400 mah battery, compared with the 680's battery life.

    Honestly the 680 is just more stable, and it looks more modern, and it has a nice phone app with drawbacks, overall button placements are easy to adapt, more RAM, and that's about it.

    I'm still keeping mine though.
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    Thanks for this. It's good to hear experiences of a direct comparison. I was pretty sure I didn't want to upgrade, but I was tempted as it's more likely the 680 will end up with Foleo support at some point.

    The battery life seems to cause lots of pain for people, and it certainly would for me as well.

    I'm so sure I'll stick with the 650 that I purchased a Black Tie edition from eBay this weekend. I'd always wanted one of them, but learned about them only after I had ordered my original unlocked 650 on eBay about 2 years ago. So, when I saw one there the other day I jumped on it. I figure I can sell my existing 650 to make up most of the cost.

    Yeah, it may be kinda silly to spend the money when it's not even an upgrade, but darn it, it'll make me happy. And the compulsive/collector in me was keen on getting it, as this one came with the original box & packaging, as well as a bunch of extras.

    PS- I like the antenna too. Dunno why.
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    15) I like how realplayer lets you stop it from playing in the background using the sidebutton. 680's ptunes, you have to go into the app to stop it from playing. I might be wrong, but I'm not a expert on ptunes.

    pTunes allows you to stop playing a song using the side button.

    I just purchased 2 1200mAH batteries from Palm and I rock out all day. I think the 680's support for SDHC cards is much better. The ability to connect to more then one bluetooth device at once, etc. Better signal on both AT&T and T-Mobile networks.
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    Item #9 - How? Can I do that with Sprint? Service sucks in house.

    BTW - Luv the antenna.


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    Another point for the 650:

    650's Media app, although slower at rendering pics, it remembers where you left off, if you go back in the Media app.

    680 doesn't, and you have to re-scroll to whereever you left off.

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