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    So it is mid August. GMM supposedly is due out in one month. Many large corporate users are desparately awaiting for 5.0 to hopefully fix some major bugs in the 4.9.x versions. So is Good going to give us any lead time in announcing the actual release date? If history is any indication of Good's future, my guess is it won't be out until October or November. I hope I am wrong.
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    Target release date is still what we have been saying all along, end of September.
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    Ahhh, so it is end of September. In your 5.0 sticky thread it simply says September. "Good 5 is expected to be available in September through cellular operators worldwide, certified value-added resellers, and directly through Motorola Good Technology Group."
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    i have met with Good several times in the last few months they have all been consistant with end of september but i am still holding my breath.
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    I am guessing that because GMM 4.9x does not support WM6 and because the leaked AT&T WM6 ROM has a "Get Good" icon that GMM 5.0 will be released before AT&T officially releases their WM6 upgrade. If they don't then Good is going to have a mess on their hands because the leaked ROM takes you to a WM6 download that Good says is not supported and does not warn you not to install it--in my opinion it implies that it will work.

    So my guess is end of September for GMM 5.0 and sometime in October for WM6 from AT&T (which means the promised HSDPA Palm upgrade will actually not hit the end user until about 10 months after the 750 went on sale touting an "HSDPA upgrade next year"--very frustrating for a mobile device that at best has a typical two year life and in practice is probably less).
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