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    I've had my new 680 for two days now and the internal speaker does not work anymore. I have to put all my calls on speakerphone or use a headset just to talk to people. It's really annoying and I was wondering if there is any way to fix this without the hassle of taking it back to the store.

    I've checked all of the settings time and time again hoping I had it on mute or that BT was enabled or something that I could just un-check to no avail.

    I think this device is fantastic and have no other issues.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    It's broken. It may be your headphone jack but any attempt to fix it will yield a Treo that may well break again later on when your warranty expires so it's better to return it now. It is sometimes possible to work around this problem with a software fix, but the phone will remain broken. Have you used or tried to use the headphone jack at any time?
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    ive actually solved this issue somehow...

    im about a week in so far and have done soft resets along the way and realized one day that it all of the sudden started working.

    thats great news for me except i would know what to tell anyone that might have a similar problem. i guess just take out the battery and put it back in (soft reset) every once in a while.

    its wierd that it seems to solve problems on these types of phones. do you know if theres any type of internal issues that might arise from doing this over a period of time?

    i new to smartphones and know many people have to reset after crashes or whatever the case may be, but i dont want to be damaging the wiring or circuitry if i can help it.

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    *i meant that i WOULDNT know how to help someone else with the internal speaker problem.
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    It's not the battery. It's the speaker jack. Moving your battery in and out is stressing the case just enough to restore the jack; but it's doubtful that will last long--although it may, there is no way of knowing.

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