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    Yes, 650. If you use the one that originally is loaded into the Treo from Palm, it's considered 1X data usage. There's some other browser apparently that is more limited, but covered under $5 UMB. I have yet to find it. And since I don't live in a 1X service area, makes it even harder
    Does anyone know what he is saying?
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    Well 1xRTT is CDMA I don't know what phone carrier they are refering to but no browser will cost more then another in regards to using them to access the web. This is a old conversation that really doesn't make any sense. 1x data is just the service name. Just like EVDO is the newer data network for both sprint and verizon but if you don't live in a EVDO network and you have sprint or verizon then you would be using their 1xRTT network.

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