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    Hi there,

    I just purchased an unlocked Treo 680 directly from Palm, and I'm currently using it with Rogers. I transferred over my SIM card from a Moto Razr.

    Everything seems like it's working except for the Voicemail favourite - if I try to use the Voicemail option from the favourites tab, I get an "Operation Failed" error. All of the settings seem alright - it's set to dial the voicemail number, add a couple of pauses and then pass my password.

    Any thoughts? Many thanks.
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    I dont think the standard dialer allows for adding pauses then sending extra digits.

    2dial or TakePhone by Shsh might be able to help though.
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    For my Unlocked 680 that I'm using on Cingular, I've never had to customize the Voicemail settings. And if I had problems with it, I'd call Cingular for help, not try to edit the number being called by the Favorite. Things may be very different with Rogers. If you use Rogers, do you always have to customize the Voicemail Favorite?
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    I've never had to customize it before, and I've switched between 4 handsets lately. But I did figure it out, it was sending "###" before it sent my password, which apparently doesn't work. I had to edit the number to just the regular voicemail access number, and then on the "more" screen I had to send my password separately. It seems to work alright.

    Many thanks for your help.
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    Really easy, and you were really close too. Edit the "extra digits" to include a few commas before your password and check the "dial extra digits automatically" box. The required number of commas depends on your carrier's voicemail setup, it just takes a little experimentation - start with three and see how it works.

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