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    I jumped from the 700p to the curve last month. I haven't looked back. It's been fun following the forums and watching palm implode like this. Not fun for you guys, I know. But I do think it's a lost cause... Palm, that is.

    Reset? What's a reset?
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    Has anyone else had a problem sending MMS picture messages on Verizon since updating to the new MR? I get the Error 3000 message quite often but I also can only send MMS picture messages about 40% of the time. Most of the time I get some message back saying I am out of the National Coverage area and to try again later. Do you all think this is related to the Data connection problem since the MR update? I haven't heard anyone else mention this problem yet.


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    That's odd: I got the out of National Coverage area error message today, for the first time, when trying to send picture messages. I'm in a 1X, Verizon area, though, and I assumed that was the problem acting up, rather than the 1.10 update. I've had every other update problem, so I suppose this is just part of it. Any others, like Tony and me?
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    When I first got my 700p I sent my friend a MMS and he never got it. I didn't get any kind of error message that I remember, it just never arrived. I attributed it to my new phone not having been fully activated on the network yet or something. Unfortunately I don't send MMS very often so that's the only example I have. So far my success rate is 0%. I do get the data connection problem a lot (in 1x area).
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