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    I'm not sure if this is a Treo issue or a Verizon issue. But it has taken two hours for me to get a text message. Sometimes I can hurry it up if I send myself a text message, and it seems to push the other one through. But it is a real pain, and sometimes causes problems, because people think I am ignoring them, when I haven't gotten the messaget at all!
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    This is a network issue and because it may involve multiple networks, it may get a bit of a hassle. The Treo only has to send the message, the network delivers it and if the network is unable to handle the load, then the message just sits until the network can do its thing.

    If it is a receiving issue, make sure you are in an area with a good signal. Bad signals mean little if any contact with the network which = no delivery of the message.

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    Seems worse to me as a Sprint customer sending to another Sprint customer. There is also the problem of not receiving any incoming calls, it's almost like the phone has been set in EVDO only mode, Hmmmmm? I wish it was only a few hours, as I would be happy with that. It becomes days with me and that causes both business and personal problems when people think I'm being non-responsive. The worst part is it's so random but always happens at the most critical moment. I've resorted to pulling the battery out for a minute and checking my voicemail. I've noticed something about checking your voicemail makes all my held up text messages and voicemail alerts come flooding back.
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    I"ve had a couple of recent issues with slow delivery on TMs, like 1 a day?

    If you haven't turned your phone off and on, try that. When mine were freaking few months ago, that is what i had to do.
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    I was just thinking this morning that this is what's wrong with the current state of texting. I texted my assistant to ask him a question, he answered within a minute or two, and then I had to send him another message just to say "OK, thanks" because you just never know if the other party got the message. Delivery receipts are a good idea, but they don't always work. As it is, every time this type of situation happens you're paying for twice as many messages as you really need.
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    I think the delays encourage customers to acknowledge messages when received. Extra money for the phone co.

    Ever notice how you get charged whenever you send a text to a non-existent (or wrong) number?

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