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    I have switched to ChatterMail a while back and didn't have VersaMail active anymore. I did the patch download the other day and everything went fine. I went into E-mail on my phone icon and it took me to Versamail instead of my ChatterMail. I foolishly played with it and set up an account. I was oppperating on a full battery (and seemed to be getting better battery life after the patch install). Well after "accessing" VersaMail my battery didn't even last 8 hours. How can you remove VersaMail from the Treo? I tried deleting all accounts but VersaMail makes you have at least one. Please help.
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    just create a bogus one. make sure you turn off auto sync.
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    Or you can hard reset, and then not set it up.
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    After I did the MR update I loaded the new version of Versamail and have had no problems. I've been using it for weeks now with no resets. Before I was constantly having my Treo reset when I tried to use Versamail.

    I was using Chattermail but upgraded to MS Office 2007, which Chatteremail does not support.

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