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    I have a Flexi Case by palm (if you want the pink one from the 3 pack, it's all yours) and I'm looking for a cradle to use at work. Does anyone know of a decent one with a sync button where I won't have to take off the skin? I know the Seidio INNODock Cradle seems to fit the bill but it got scathing reviews from some folks and the button location is weird. Any other choices?

    As long as I'm on the subject, does anyone know why Palm switched to that mutant pronged proprietary connector when so many other devices have mini usbs? Seperating the power and data cables was not a welcome switch to many of us who liked the single cable of previous palm devices.
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    PiNk, lol

    how bout the black Flexi Skin, lol
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    G, don't laugh at the pink. Respect the pink! Mitch, there really isn't an alternative to the InnoDock. There isn't any other cradle like it. Frankly, I've never had a single problem with any of my Seidio products with the exception of my white InnoDock not being compatible with the 680. That wasn't Seidio's fault. It was Palm's.

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    you, want to buy the pink from me for $10 then, if i buy the three pack, lol

    why they came out with that combo i have no idea, lol
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    What's wrong with pink? It doesn't seem like a bad combo to me. Why shouldn't they cater to people who want something other than white and black? Do some research, pink anything is big business right now. Palm should've made a pink Treo 680 since it's a consumer phone. I know many chicks who would've bought one. I bought my Arctic 680 just so I could put a pink silicone case on it. But that didn't work out because I couldn't get used to having the hardware buttons covered by the case and swapping batteries sucked.

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    I had an Innodock cradle, but the Hotsync button broke after a few months of use. That was probably my fault rather than the cradle's, though: I was pretty rough with it. It still works fine, just need to hotsync via the onscreen button rather than the cradle button.

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