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    My Treo700p is consistently freezing or locking up randomly after the recent 1.1.0 update. No explaination. I pull it from it's holster and it's display can be on or off and the keys, touch screen, buttons, removing the SD card will not make it respond or some back on. I've had to use the stylus to reset it and I'm sure that pulling the battery would reset it also. Any it sucks. It's random and I cannot explain it. Anyone else have this problem?

    Personally I think with the release of the next iPhone we'll see a lot of people like me go in that direction. I've had a good phone that was reliable go bad on me and this is my 2nd Treo 700p. Palm replaced the first one under warranty when the first release of the rom update was released and hosed it!
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    I had same experience. For me the lockup was caused by my email client (chatteremail) trying to get a data connection in the background, but being unable due to the loss of network connection a lot of treo 700p users are experiencing post-MR, and 755p users are also having the problem.
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    welcome to the club. All you can-read buffet about this issue is here

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