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    so i recently decided to get the 680 when cingular decided to cancel my account rather than put it on military hold. so i placed the order this a refurb phone for $80. my question is do i really need the big data plan? and as far as i could tell i dont need a seperate media package right?

    this is what it is:
    PDA Personal Max w/UNLIMITED M2M Messaging $44.99 a month
    PDA Connect Unlimited Usage Plus 1500 intergrated messages and unlimited M2M

    i think when i get the phone(2 weeks from now since my wife has to ship it to me...since i havent made it back to the states yet) i will have alot more questions..i will search i promise.
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    You need a data plan if you intend to use data. It all depends upon for what you intend to use your phone.
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    I don't have a data plan, don't receive emails, browse the web, nothing. But be careful. Some programs will go online without you knowing it. You have to create a dummy account to prevent such activity.
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    I wouldn't use a Treo for a phone without a data plan. If I didn't have one, I would just get a very small dumbphone. But then I need email, web browsing, FTP and chat access. One thing to consider is do you need many SMS messages? I have unlimited data with 200 messages per month. I only use the SMS when people send stuff to me and on other rare occasions, and this plan only adds $20 to my family plan per month.
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    i just kind of figured that i would need the big plan until i figured the phone out...ill pay one or two bills that are a little high...i know what they could run if i dont have the right plan. my wifes text plan got messed up and her bill was $300. once i play with the phone i will tailor the plans to what i need
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    What you want is the Media Max 200 plan. $19.99 per month. Don't tell them you have a Treo, because they'll try to insist you need a more expensive PDA plan. But the $19.99 plan works just fine. Just go to your online account and add it. I put it on my wife's new 680 last week. I actually got an error online when trying to add it, and there was a Chat Online Live w/ Tech Support link on the page. I clicked it, someone replied within a couple minutes, and had the plan added in another couple minutes. I was impressed with how quick it was...much quicker than phoning in, dealing w/ voice prompts, etc.
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    cool i will have to try that when i get the phone.
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    a good idea is to put your sim card in another phone, non smartphone before trying to switch to a data plan.
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    Good call, but I would actually like unlimited. Media Max Unlimited is $39.99, so I may as well pay $5 more and get PDA Max Unlimited, since I pay about $5 already for 30 or so messages in a month, so I don't need to carry a fire pager. (And 500 or whatever included messages would be like unlimited to me - ha) Just saw this old thread and looking for some advice - thanks (TREO 680)
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    I read on Engadget/Engadget Mobile earlier this week that AT&T will be changing around their data plan structure (and pricing of course) later this month.
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    ^ I'm bumping this to the top because of the impending data changes, though we probably should start a new thread. For those unaware, check out HowardForums and the AT&T section - there is a thread titled 'Data Plans are Changing'.

    For people like me who use an unlocked Treo with a $20 data plan, we may be in for a rude awakening next week (1/20 or 1/22).

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