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    I installed minitones and musictones to manage my ringtones. However, in minitones, no songs are visible and in Musictones it says "no external card".

    My question is, do I have to have songs on an SD card in order to make them my ringtone or can I use local files? In P-Tunes it says my songs are located in /Audio directory.

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    The two applications look for MP3s on the card in order to make them in to ring tones to use bunches of memory on the device. You really are better off with a real ring tone management program capable of using files (MP3's) on the card.

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    However, both programs (minitones & musictones) allow you to trim out a section of the mp3 to use as a ringtone, and save memory. (Less than a couple of hundred Kbytes for a long (25 sec) ringtones.
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    I am using minitones. What I do is cut the section of a song I want as a ringtone before i put it on my phone. like the above poster said it only takes up about 300kb for a 20sec clip, which isnt much
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    Granted, a single ring tone is not significant. What is significant is that we want more and when we want more, we add more files to the device and eventually we add so many that we run out of room.

    A device based ring tone management program really is a better solution.


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