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    I'm trying to connect the Treo 755p to MS Exchange 2003. The following error ONLY occurs on the 755p.

    AirSAMStateMachine.c812 4HTTP/1.1 501 Not Implemented Meme-Version: 1.0 Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2007 20:46:02 GMT Content –Type: text/html

    We have 3 755s in the office and they all do the same thing. They do complete the sync but always error in this manner. Conversely, we have 20 650s and 700s (In combination) that work perfectly. It is only these new ones that have any problem. Is there an exchange upgrade that needs to occur or what?

    I've talked to Palm and they all point to the server. Why would all of the lower models work without the error?

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    I have a Palm 680 for AT&T and I am getting similar errors when syncing to a MS Exchange server. I have to hit Get Mail about 4 times before it actually retrieves mail. But, when it auto syncs every 30mins it gets the mail fine.

    812 4 HTTP/1.1 401
    Unauthorized Content-
    Length: 1539 Content-
    Type: text/html
    Server: Microsoft-
    IIS/6.0 WWW-Authe

    That's all the message dialog reads.
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    The 755 does have a newer version of VersaMail than those others. We had a lot of trouble getting my 755 set up on a 2007 server (did not try with a 700).

    I guess the older models or older versions of VersMail do better with SSL certs...?
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    I had problems with syncing with ssl with exchange 2003 but it doesn't sound like the problems your having. Here is the palm link to what helped me but I had problems with even the very first sync. Hope this helps out someone

    (I am using a 755p and can now sync with self signed ssl)

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