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    I was one of the unlucky ones to install MR 1.10 and find that my connectivity was no longer something I could count on. In hind site, 1.06 wasn't that bad. Can't we just go back to that until they figure out what went wrong??
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    This is not a "software" option you are going to find floating around. Although several members here have referred to a method of creating a ROM install for 1.06, nothing has appeared - yet.

    Threads also refer to Palm working on a fix for the MR 'fix'. Nothing seems to be going on there either. Palm's blog does not note a problem with the MR and it is (last I checked) still available for download. This leads me to believe that there is no second 'fix' planned. Why leave up something you know is a problem?

    I'm one of the "lucky ones". I didn't install the MR. I need a data connection more than I need bluetooth to stop causing resets.

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