I've been having some monster conflicts with v1.5 on my VDx and AfterBurner III. Repeating Ys, Repeating 4s, resets, bad syncs, etc etc.

Well, I was reading LapTopHack's documentation, and I see that the hack was designed for either HackMaster or Tealmaster, and that he didn't know whether or not X-Master would work ok.

...so I realize that hacks are written for specific hack managers, and that it may make a difference!

So I switch from X-Master to TealMaster, and WHOOF, problems dissapeared!

I'm going to miss X-Master, it was a good freeware app... Now I have to decide whether to register Hackmaster or TealMaster (or other manager??). But... Stowaway problem gone!

...nope, it's not. AfterBurner wasn't running b/c I was below battery level. Just tested it and it's back to frompyness. ARG!