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    I read up on all the USBModem/PDAnet threads before posting this, but I haven't seen the exact answer I was looking for, so I hope you don't mind another thread.

    I have been using PDAnet with my Treo 650 for years and love the program, but it has always been a bit buggy in my experience...lots of rebooting pc and phone to get them to connect together.

    I recently upgraded to the 755p and decided to try out the demo versions of PDAnet and USBModem to see if there are any advantages of one over another. Both were fairly easy to set up and get online.

    I live in central NJ and a very strong EVDO network and my question has to do with what speeds everyone has experienced on EVDO with these two programs since I was shocked at what I saw were the differences. I also tried my 650 on the "old" network and got about 125 kbps on both software programs, so I figured they'd also be about equal "speed wise" on with the 755 and the EVDO network. I downloaded PDAnet for 755 and checked the EVDO enhanced box on the set up and ran 5-6 of the most popular online broadband speed tests and got an average of 446 kbps DL. I then set up USBModem for the 755 and ran the same tests a mere 10 minutes later and got an average DL speed of 964 kbps!

    Does everyone experience MUCH faster EVDO speeds on USBmodem over PDAnet? With it also being $10 less I am obviously leaning this way, but it am I missing anything?

    Thank you,

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    I have owned both of these programs

    Pda Net is cool for what it does, but the fact that when i went from a 700p to a 755p they wanted me to rebuy the license, and i went to the usb modem.... well worth the upgrade, i feel like im getting better speeds, but i in a congested evdo network so they peak at low speeds.

    USB Modem also works on my mac, so i am actually able to move computer to computer with ease, since the software is licensed to the phone, and it is easy to hook up to another computer.

    I can really stop my praising of USB Modem, if June Fabrics would understand the importance of not forcing its customers to rebuy the same software for such a minor change, they would do a lot better.

    Just my 2 and a half cents... good luck, either way you go (*usb modem )
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    Why not save your money and just use the free hack?
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    because the $25 seems cheap enough and appears to be stable. I'm still leaning toward USBModem unless anyone on here has a good reason to go with PDAnet.
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    I love USBmodem. Not a single complaint.
    (Never tried the other, I think at the time it wasn't for Macs?)

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    I bought PDA Net for my 300. 600 and 650. They've gotten enough of my money. It looks like I'll be making the change!
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    I don't know if it's still true, but within the past month, PdaNet was offering their software at a reduced price to previous customers. I believe the deepest discount was for those who'd owned PdaNet on on a 650.

    I think it was about $14.99 instead of about $34.99.

    CORRECTION: It's now $19.99. Here are the prices I saw:

    "# 1. The price for a single user license of PdaNet for Treo 700p/755p will be: $34 if you have not purchased any versions of PdaNet before.
    # $29 for site license (set quantity to 10 or above in next page).
    # $29 if you have previously purchased PdaNet for Treo 600.
    # $19 if you have previously purchased PdaNet for Treo 650 (limited time offer)."


    I was turned off by something I saw in USBmodem's description, but I don't recall what it was, exactly. Also, PdaNet had this discount (which requires your... or someone's... old serial number). I can't find UsbModem's site, at the moment.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
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    I would quite honestly just go with the DUN hack and save your money. Can be used via Bluetooth or USB but thats just my opinion.

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