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    I have a 755p and just purchased a Holux M1000 Bluetooth GPS receiver. I can't seem to get the GPS receiver to transmit any information to my Treo, even though the Treo has paired with the device successfully. Has anyone else tried this setup, and if so what navigation software are you using?
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    I can't say anything about the 755p, but mine works just fine with with my 650 and my i-mate PDA2 using TomTom 6. Did you select "Other Bluetooth receiver" and select your Holux? Also, did you give it a minute to warm up? Whenever you turn it on after it's been off for a while, it takes about a minute for it to turn on and get a satellite signal.
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    Sure, I followed the instructions for the Holux until the orange satellite light started blinking to confirm that it had found its geo position. I'll see if I can get my hands on TomTom 6 and go from there. Worst case I have a Bluetooth dongle for my lappy that will let me navigate with that, so I'll probably keep the new Holux either way.
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    I got one working with a Treo 680 perfectly. After the initial pairing it's been smooth sailing. I just make sure it's outdoors, turn it on, wait about a minute and run the GPS software...
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    Under bluetooth devices highlight the m1000 then click on the 'COM ports' tab. Choose New Outgoing Port -> COM8 and uncheck secure connection.

    I went through the same frustration on my 700wx.
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    That works for windows mobile. But we're dealing with palm os. I just got a 755p, (had 700wx), and I don't have any difficulties pairing the bluetooth gps but google maps doesn't seem to recognize it. Can google maps do it on palm os?

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