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    Greetings -

    A couple of weeks ago OnDemand suddenly started rebooting my Sprint 700P. This began when I tried to add another location to the Weather page. Afterward my phone would restart as soon as I tapped the OD icon.

    I used RescoExplorer to delete everything with that CreatorID (I can't remember the string) and that sure 'nuff fixed the problem - now I have *no* OD at all.

    How does one reinstall OnDemand?

    Best regards,

    Tim ==
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    Just sync it. It will magically reappear. You can't erase On Demand. It's one of the pieces of bloatware that came burned into the 700P ROM. I expect most all of your databases will be empty, depending on when you last synced it....
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    Didn't work. Did a soft reset, still no joy.
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    the only way to recover is to install the .prc file(it is posted on another thread here, somewhere), or hard reset. I have managed to finagle it on without a hard reset, or the .prc, but I have no idea what I did. Been a while.
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    Thanks for the tip. The OnDemand updater completely reinstalled the app.
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    So since you're on Sprint, please give me details as to how I can get rid of it. And why that works, since it's in ROM. And did you actually sync, or just do a hard reset?
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    another more extreme way is to do a HARD reset. Since its ROM based it will come back because its set to factory state.
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