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    hello everybody. I'm getting a replacement 755p due to memory card slot not working when I put in a SD card. got to wait 3 business days before they get one at the Sprint store. glad I got the insurance too. I have like 12 apps installed. what do I need to do. when I hotsync the new 755p will the apps go on the new 755p or do I have to install them again. thanks for any advice and info. take care and be safe.
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    If you have the apps installed on the phone already and have hotsynced the 755p after installation, it should transfer to the new one when you sync it with ur comp.
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    not sure if it is an option for you but you could install NVbackup (free) and do a backup, save to the phone and export to a server (if you have that capability) and then import off the server on the new phone when it arrives
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