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    Does anyone know how to predictably connect the Palm Treo 650 with the Lexus Blue Tooth. Spent over an hour today and nada. This is getting frustrating. It worked when I drove out of the Lexus show room and died shortly thereafter. Appreciate any help. Thanks, Implantguy
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    I have no experience with the Lexus BT, but I have seen others who resolved problems by adding the handsfree device to the "trusted devices? list.
    Mark Bergman
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    While I never had trouble getting my Lexus 400H SUV to recognize my Treo 650, I just got a new 755p and when I added the Treo into the car as a "new phone" the Treo kept saying it recognized the car, but the car treated the phone as if it never existed and didn't even show it there. And nothing worked. The Lexus dealer told me that Treo wasn't compatible with Lexus at all since it was so hit and miss. I found another blog on a Toyota Prius site with the same problem and followed that advice - and lo and behold it worked! Try this - what have you got to lose?

    Clear out the car as a trusted device from your phone. Just delete it out. Start again with the Lexus (we have navigation on this car, too) - Go to "info", "telephone", "settings", scroll down to "bluetooth" and "add phone" and hit that button. Your code that you have to enter onto your phone should show up on the car's screen. Now hit your phone's bluetooth setting and hit the set up button, and it will search for and find the car. Click on that setting (I think it's "Hands Free") and have it added - and it will then ask for the code to be typed into the phone. Do so - and DO NOT TOUCH anything on the car. Now, have your phone add the car to the trusted devices and it will then tell you that all is connected and it's there. DO NOT TOUCH anything on the car still. Now, while the car's screen is still showing the car's code that you just added, make an immediate phone call on your phone - and this should force the bluetooth through on your car. I did this after many attempts to get the car to recognize the Treo, and this actually worked and now all is OK with the new Treo going through the Lexus SUV's bluetooth.

    Try it - what have you got to lose??

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    This is what I have to do with my Toyota Sienna (same system). The key is to delete everything like scootersdf says and redo it. Then make a call. It looks like it doesn't work on the screen, but when you make a call it works like a charm.

    Good luck!
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    It worked for me too. After that my 755 went into a reset loop. But after a hard reset and restoring from backup, everything is going on good.
    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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