Times change-
I want to thank everyone who has contributed so much information. Of all my years of Treo purchases this was the hardest. I have never owned a model as long as I have had the 650. I have been with Cingular through most of it and now have to change. TC helped me with my decision immensly.

While I contend that Palm OS may be growing long in the tooth, I am a teacher of technology and my students bring me phones all the time to ask how to do things on. I really don't care for the embedded menus of WM, I am sorry. Also I have so many POS applications I love.

I love Apple, bought 2 in the last year, as I have been a strong PC supporter for years. I have 4 PC's including a dedicated HT -Media Center Computer. I switched from a AVID Editior to a Final Cut Editor. Iphone is cool but just not there yet (for me!), missing too much. Maybe in two years Iphone will be faster and have 3rd party applications.

Sprint / Cingular:
This was the hardest. I had Sprint for two terrible years and hated they CS every minute of it. When the Visorphone came out I switched to PacBell(earlier Cingular). Treated me like gold throughout our history. As long as I talked to a rep from the west coast, I had no problem. If I talked to a rep from the South they were terrible but Cingular finally gave me a phone number directly to one rep in the office of the president in San Jose and she took care of me for years.

Whenever I bought a new Treo from Palm unsubsidized she would credit the entire cost of the phone to my bill. If I had issues, I could email her and it would be taken care of. She kept me on the $20 a month unlimited data/1500/200 plan for years after it was discontinued (still have it). She finally left when the ATT/Cingular merge happened (they moved the office of the presidents office from San Jose to Sacramento or something, and Cingular gave me a new rep to work with on an individual basis. Not that I have not had issues, I did when Cing leased out towers to T-Maybe service became terrible for 6-months til they finally added more towers. but I got credited every monthI had problems.

Now the Cingy/ATT merge has just been a nightmare for coverage for me. I no longer have coverage where I used to and tons of dropped calls. This has been going on for a year. So today I ordered a 755p from Sprint, I am crossing my fingers. My first impression is not all that great as their website was incredibly slow, and gave me an Error 500 message instead of my order confirmation. When I called to ensure that my order went through, they were very cold and rude and when I said there was nothing else, they hung up, no goodbye.

Final Straw- Took the 650 to Europe, and it is just old and beat up. I want a better camera as I used Splashblog to keep friends and family up to day. Will keep one 650 for Europe. I have taken the phone apart a few times to clean out screen area, but it is just time.