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    Hello, please I need your HELP!!!
    I bought an unlocked 680 back in December ’06, It works perfectly with my carrier and also with other SIM cards in other countries.
    Three days ago the phone start displaying "SIM NOT ALLOWED" I've contacted the carrier for a new SIM card which they provide almost immediately... still the phone wont work with the new SIM.
    --> BUT.. the new SIM works on other phones
    --> AND other carrier's SIM works on the TREO
    It seems that my TREO is blocked on this carrier (I've tried my friends SIMs from the same carrier and get the same result), is this possible?
    - Contacted the carrier again and they told me that the number is OK that they don't see any problem.
    - Contacted PALM and told me that the phone works with other SIM's so must be a carrier issue.
    I have already soft & hard reset many times, entered the #*#*8CODE#, as the phone is unlocked no matter what CODE and enter it always displays "The SIM lock has been remove from the phone".

    I ran out of ideas.... can anyone please help!

    Update 10/8/07: Tried again with 128K SIM and worked.... for about 30 min, then turn to the same "SIM not allowed"

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    where are you from? I am from the philippines and experienced the same problem to one network. Unfortunately i changed to another network.
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    I am in Argentina. Unfortunately cannot change carrier. Did you have the same problem?
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    yes, i have exactly the same problem. But I sucessfully used another sim from another network to my treo. If you cannot use any kind of sim, your IMEI may be blocked. Contact your country's department or bureau of communications to know if it is blocked or not.

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