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    Im having a problem with Blazer first I couldnt get on the internet but with information I recieved here and going back and forth with Sprint I finally got that working.

    Now Im having a problem with Blazer not showing pictures it shows the text for the site but not the pictures, where the pictures are suppose to be there is a x; does anybody know what the deal is with it.

    Any advice is appericated.
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    I dont have 755 but all versions of Blazer Ive used have had a setting in the Preferences to "disable" images. Check that out and see if it is the cause of your problem.

    I usually always have images disabled, but then I dont get the fast EVDO-level bandwwidth you might.

    good luck!

    Treo 650 1.20 LAP.
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    At the top of Blazer is a thing that looks like a lightening bolt. Click on this and see if it is shown in fast mode- that is when you get the pictures disabled. To see pictures it has to be in normal mode.
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    More specifically, the lightning bolt allows you to enable, or disable, fast mode.

    When in fast mode, either CSS stylesheets, images or both are disabled to speed download and rendering.

    More importantly, if you go into the preferences menus, you can choose which of those to enable/disable. (Personally, I prefer to turn off CSS and leave images enabled, I think that gives the best mix of usability and speed)

    If an image is displayed with a red X, and it is due to fast mode being enabled, then you can tap the image and ask that it be loaded specifically.
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    Thanks Kirk. Your explanation was better than mine.

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