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    I just updated my phone to the 1.10 software from Palmone for the Verizon 700P. Everything went well with the update, no errors or reported problems (with the non SD card updater).

    Everything seems to work fine with one Major exeption. When I try to dial a number, it asks if I want to turn on the phone. I say yes, it plays the tone, shows the Verizon screen, then resets. Every friggin time. I haven't been able to turn the phone on yet.

    I've tried a soft reset several times, but that does nothing.

    I need my phone for work, and will be screwed without it. Any ideas on how to fix this???

    The software version shows 1.10-VZW on the Phone Info screen (was 1.06 before the update).

    Thanks. I hope.

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    Just did a hard reset, now it's stuck in a reset loop. Part of the hard reset boot includes turning the phone on. When it does that, it resets, turns on the phone, resets, turns on the phone, resets.........

    Any suggestions, or do I throw it through a wall and rely on insurance for a new one?? No, I wouldn't really do that, but it's damn tempting right now.
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    Your modem didn't program right, you'll need to redo the update. Try to warm boot your treo by taking the battery out and reinserting it while holding up on the five way./ If it boots up. Plug it in and reinsert th SD card with the update on it.

    Edit: I just reread the first post, you did it by USB. Sorry, I think the SD card maybe the only way to save it. I've never been successful redoing the USB. But if it boots it should run
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    Yeah, I just found an old 64mb card and used that because I wasn't willing to wipe my 1gb card just for an update.

    After the SD reupdate (after a couple hard resets just to get to the phone screen) I was able to reprovision the phone and it's resync'ing all my data back to it now.

    Read through over a 1000 posts about problems with the update, tried every single method to fix it, but the SD update is the only one that works.


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