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    I'm something of a map freak. I love maps, GPS, compasses, etc. And so I obviously love the free Google Maps we all have on our Treos. But one thing that just drive me absolutely insane is the lack of any scale on the map display. I mean, how can you get any sense of distance without a scale? It's impossible to know how far it is from A to B without plugging in some data to the directions function. If you do that, you get that first screen that gives the distance, but there's no way to get back to that screen without running the search again. And there's no map scale anywhere I can find to let you know what you're looking at in terms of distance from anywhere on the map. Am I wrong about this? Is the scale in there and just not turned on? Anyone else frustrated by this?
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    Would someone be able to confirm that there is no map scale anywhere on Google Maps or do I just need to enable it?
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    There is no map scale that I can find. sorry bud.
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    #4 map scale..I miss it too@!! maybe in the next revision...

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