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    Ok, so my Motorola H700 headset has been working great since the Sprint MR up until a few days ago. My phone reset itself, and ever since then, even after a hard reset, I can't get the headset to connect with the phone.

    When I turn the headset on, the bluetooth indicator on the phone turns white, but never changes to the blue headset.

    When I try and re-pair it, it looks like it pairs, but still won't connect. One thing I noticed, when I look at the detail for the headset in the Trusted Devices screen, it shows it as a Type of Audio. I'm pretty sure that before, it listed it as handsfree, or something similar. Can anyone confirm this is the case, or have any ideas?
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    I used to get that with my old Treo headset pre-MR. The steps I would follow to get it back to work were:

    • Make sure the headset is fully charged. This is very important, when you have a headset that has low charge the pairing will have problems.
    • Delete the headset from the trusted BT devices
    • Disable Device name cache in the BT options
    • Turn BT OFF
    • Reset the phone removing the battery from the back, not by pressing the reset button
    • After the phone is back on, turn BT On
    • Go through the pairing wizard again to add your headset

    After all of the above, I would get back to the headset fully working. I am not 100% sugggesting you atry all of the steps above, but heck if everything else fails you may as well give it a try...
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    Can anyone confirm what the device type should be when looking at the device detail? Should it be Audio or Handsfree or something else?

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