So here I am, with my Verizon post MR (VZW 1.10). I installed it the moment it came out and things were looking rosy and nice.

Yesterday I read the fine print about Versamail being a separate install from the MR for Verizon users, so I went ahead and installed 3.5.4. Now my phone is "fully" upgraded, and new headaches appeared almost instantly. Let me summarize:

  • The data network errors have increased. My service area is the same as before 1.10, si I know the network is not necessarily the culprit here.
  • I had my handsfree setup such that my headset would pick up the call automatically after 2 rings. After the full update (1.10+versa), it does it in only one ring even though the configuration setup shows clearly two rings.
  • No envelope icon appears on the phone screen after the 1.10 update.
  • Even worse, after upgrading Versa to 3.5.4, now every time I get a new mail I don't even get the flashing bell in the top corner, letting me know there's something unattended. I do get the bell with calendar events however.

If anyone has experienced these problems before and hopefully solved them, please let me know. I know at least the mail icon is not a problem but a known issue with the MR and the data network problems are many and varied, but the rest of the problems are brand new to me.