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    I have upgraded one of my customers to version of the Good server and it seems to have slowed down the sync - it seems to almost be that the messages are pushed to my device on a "scheduled basis" every 15 minutes rather than as they arrive. This didn't happen before on the older version of the Good server (4.0.3) I was running. I also have a new install of Good for my own company and the same effect appears to be happening.

    I contacted Good support and they told me I was running too new of a version (6.5.7888.0) of CDO on my good server (a 2007 flavor, and I am running version 6.5.7651.61 on Exchange 2003), but this sounds wrong, because I am running an older version on my client's good server and they are experiencing the same exact thing. Does anyone know what determines how often the Exchange server is contacted to check for new/changed messages?

    Is there any logging to look at to see how often this is happening?

    Has anyone else encountered this after upgrading?

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    Are you seeing this on any particular device/carrier?
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    All the devices are using Sprint as the carrier, and I am using a variety of Treos running Palm and Windows (mainly 700s and newer). At my company prior to implementing the good server, we were directly synchronizing with the Exchange server with versamail and activesync and the messages would often show up on the phone actually before they showed up in Outlook.
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    Got it corrected. I installed the 2003 adminpak.msi (for server administration) and the IIS snap-in pre-requisite and the Exchange server management tools. This didn't change the CDO version as the Good support tech thought, but it did fix whatever slowness was associated with messages being sent to the device.


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