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    Loyal Directory Assistant users:

    Based on the large number of emails that I have received, I wanted to let you all you know whatís happening with Directory Assistant (DA). I have some exciting things in the works, and will be re-launching an improved version of the application very soon. As part of that process, several users have been Beta testing the new version of DA. Unfortunately, the directory data provider made some significant changes recently without any advanced warning. Iím working on a fix for that, along with the aforementioned changes, and will make them available to you in the very near future. Thank you for your patience and continued support. Feel free to email me if you have any questions or feedback. (

    Thank you,
    Rick Whitt
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    That's great news!
    Even with Google, I know I still miss DA, and being at the mercy of the directory info provider can't be fun. All the best!
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    Yeah, YP is DA's achilles heel.. Is that changing in the new version?
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    I can't wait, I love tha app! Proxy support still in it? haha
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    Fantastic! Can't wait for the update. --I was wondering why it wasn't working.
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    Sounds good to me.
    Good Luck Rick
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    Let us know if you need more Beta testers!!
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    Thanks for getting us a quick fix! Great app!
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    Any word on when DA will be ready?
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and predict within the next couple of weeks.

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    I'm Lost Without...
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    Yep, I never realized how often I used it until it was gone!

    I guess I took it for granted that DA has always been here, and always will be!

    What a great and useful app!!

    Keep up the good work Rick!
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    Often I will open up DA completely forgetting that it hasn't worked in such a long time and I'm so disappointed when I can't find something. Your program is AMAZING.
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    Two weeks, I can't wait.
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    maybe he just thought 2 weeks; but could have it done in 1 week
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    I am having DA withdrawals
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    We all know Rick worked hard on the previous app and kept it updated and added new features.

    I'm thinking that clicking the PayPal DONATION button TWICE would be an appropriate response for the new version when he gets it ready!
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    "Arguing with a police officer is like mud wrestling a pig.
    Eventually you realize that the pig likes it."
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    we should paypal donate him now, as thanks for years of service. This was one of the first apps on my 650, now I am sorely missing it on the new. to me, 680
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    Do tell... do tell?
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