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    In reviews one of the complaints was the car kit was generic and didn't restrain the Treo well. I have a car kit almost exactly like it and I don't like having to squeeze the sides to clip the Treo into place every time.

    On their website they now show a different holder which looks much better. Anyone have the most recent one? Does it work well? Does it work with "skinned" Treos?

    New car kit:

    Old car kit:

    P.S. It is now $170 after rebate which is about what I paid for TomTom 5 alone!!!
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    I'd like to know this info, too... anyone out there able to tell us about the Navigator edition 3??? I'd like to know your thoughts if you have this new edition...
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    I have a 99% similar mount but it only works with a normal sized battery (not extended) and no case... I got it from here with my amazing M7 BT GPS...

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