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    I upgraded from a 600 to a 755p, and on the 600 I used TreoAlertMgr to keep nagging that a call was missed, I had voicemail, or a text message. I was wondering if TreoAlertMgr worked on the 755p? I've seen a few people on this board mention that it seemed to slow their 755p down, has anyone gotten TreoAlertMgr to work OK?

    What other apps are available that work like TreoAlertMgr? I've seen Butler metioned, any others?

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    Butler will nag you if you want
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    Is Butler the only option? And has anyone tried TreoAlertMgr to see if it work on the 755p (assuming I can find my registration code)?
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    I know it works on my 700p.
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