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    Does anybody remember an old Palm alarm called Concerto? I had it on my 600 (though it may have originated on my Visor Deluxe, I don't remember). I beamed it to my 755p, and it sounds awful It sounds so bad, I'm worried it may damage the speaker. I was wondering if anyone remembered this alarm sound, and maybe had a version that sounds good on the 755p?

    Also, I really like the "Alarm" alarm on the 755p, but I'd like a version where it repeats 3 times. Is there a good ringtone/alarm editor out there where I could play with this? (Or does someone have this version already available ?)

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    Try this one from my 650:

    For some reason, on my 680, the first note seems to be dropped.
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    This is the tone (and the first note appears to be dropped on my 755 as well)...however, it still sounds like it is blowing out the speaker...any better versions, or a way to make a better version? Thanks!
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    Use Audacity to tone down the volume a bit and and a second or 2 of silence to the start of the tone. Or. copy the first couple seconds and paste it in at the beginning. This way when it cuts off, it will be after the beginning of the tone.
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    Psmplay is a midi/wave files editor.
    Simple, fast & powerful.
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    I had a thread on 755p did this to a BUNCH of my 650 midi files that worked fine on my 650. I ended up having to pad the file so it would sound already. I even called into Palm about this and they said it was a known problem.

    What bothers me is that if something WORKS on an older model, it should continue to work on newer models. Each new model is suppose to be BETTER and *LESS* flawed then previous ones!

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